Eurojet welds this high-performance catalytic converter in place to help you meet track day requirements.  Our catalytic converter uses a stainless steel body like the rest of the exhaust to prevent rusting, as well as a free-flowing honeycomb catalyst.

The high-flow race catalytic converter uses our v-band system for easy installation and removal.
Fits MK4/5/6 Eurojet Turbo-back systems.
-All Eurojet Racing Exhaust are deemed for “off-road use only”. If you do intend on using Eurojet Racing catback exhaust or axel back exhaust systems on public highways, please check with your local laws and state laws for legality. Eurojet Racing does not assume any rights if the exhaust system is used on public roads. 

-Catalytic converter deletes and headers are deemed to be “race only” and will modify or remove the factory catalytic converters. Installing such parts to a road-going vehicle modifies the emission is IILEGAL and is in violation of the CLEAN AIR ACT. Anyone caught with this product on a road-going vehicle will assume the full responsibility of the law governed by the local/state laws where the illegal act was done. Eurojet Racing Does not assume any responsibility for such an illegal act. These parts are made for racing and should be used at private race tracks. 

***We do not sell or ship our high flow catalytic converters to California addresses.

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