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The Eurojet™ discharge pipe kit could not have been introduced at a better time. The MK4 platform is aging, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts are increasing in price, and the parts on MK4 vehicles are beginning to show their wear and tear.

Our discharge pipe improves performance in three major areas:

  • Hoses—Our hoses are stronger and more rigid, which helps prevent cracks that may leak your boost pressure. In addition, they minimize expansion under boost, which means the turbo doesn’t have to work as hard to fill an expanded hose. This in turn helps prevent throttle response lag.
  • Clamps—We provide strengthened stainless steel T-bolt clamps to replace the OEM O-ring system, preventing the oil and pressure leakage that can begin to occur after just 2 to 3 years of use.
  • Pipes—We replace the flat “pancake” pipe with a smoother flowing stainless steel pipe. Our replacement pipes fit tighter and allow air to flow more smoothly, helping your valuable boost pressure overcome the potential chokepoint where the system transitions from a circular tube into a flat pipe. Our pipe offers a greater overall diameter than the inlet and the outlet.

Together, these features will boost your performance. Check your pipes and hoses, then give us a call and we’ll get you fixed up right.


  • Material: 5-ply silicone rubber and T304 stainless steel
  • Diameter: 2” silicone and 2” T304 stainless steel piping
  • Material wall thickness: 5-mm silicone and 0.054” stainless steel


  • Reinforced 5-ply hand-wrapped silicone hose
  • Strengthened stainless steel T-bolt clamps
  • Decreased diameter for increased velocity
  • Replaces leak-prone “clip” fittings
  • Pancake replacement pipe

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